Monday, April 21, 2014

Get Your Poetry Fix at the Library

While waiting for the announcement of the GRCC Poetry Contest winners, continue celebrating National Poetry Month by picking up a book of poems from the Holman Library.

Brush up on some historical favorites:
100 essential American poems

Or, discover some new voices:
Cover Image

In the mood for some romance? Try:
Cover Image

Or, if you're looking for something silly, try:
Cover Image

Seeking writing guidance? Try:
Cover Image

For more inspiration, visit,, or search the Holman Library catalog. Our library has several print books in the Main Collection. Or, ask a librarian how to find poetry e-books, videos, and audio!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Eraser

Our library's print collection gets a great deal of use, and most people who check out books over a two week loan period return them in excellent condition. But no one wants to check out a damaged or defaced book from the Holman Library. 

Linda in the circulation department shares the vigilance that it takes to keep your reading materials in top condition:

“At circulation, we have made a concerted effort to prevent pencil and/or pen from making an appearance in our books.  When books go out, we look for prior damage; if we find any, we make a note on the book in our library collection database.  

We tell students that the time we take to look through the books and the notes we put on a previously damaged book is for their benefit,  so that they  won't charged for damage done by another.  

We think this has a beneficial outcome, since very few books come back damaged (we look through them on return, and again check for pencil, pen, tears, etc). We still occasionally have books returned with writing or underlining, but it has greatly lessened – much to the delight of those of us who erase!” 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Go Out and Enjoy the Sun

Last month we received more rain then we have ever seen, accoording to offical records. But all that rain has helped the region burst into full bloom as the warm spring sun of April shines upon us. Take an opportunity this quarter to soak up some Vitamin D and to take in some of the natual beauty this area provides us.
Here are some books available at Holman Library to help you find some great hikes or other outdoor adventures located close to Green River Community College.

*See a GRCC librarian for help finding these or other similar books. 


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Essential Skills Collection: Books for Success

Just starting or nearly done?

Whether you're just beginning at GRCC or finishing off your last quarter before graduation, we at the Holman Library want to set you up for success! There are many books, both electronic and in-print, in the Essential Skills Collection in the library that can help you meet whatever goals you may have!

If you're just starting out or are looking for ways to improve...check out these books!



If you're just nearing the finish line of your educational journey...consider checking out these books!

 Life After College : the New Graduate's Guide 



(photo above is Creative Commons Attribution License)

Monday, March 31, 2014

GRCC Poetry Contest

Announcing the Green River Community College



in celebration of National Poetry Month

WHO:  YOU! – Yes, YOU – students, faculty and staff are invited to write a poem

WHAT:            Poem Guidelines:
                         This year’s theme is:

What does it mean to be a Green River Community College student, faculty or staff member?

  • What experiences have you had?
    • self-discovery
    • future goals
    • academic areas of interest (art, math, psychology, biology…etc.)
  • What sights have you seen?
    • student life (campus activities, homework, classroom experiences, work-life balance, student activism…etc.)
  • What events have made your day?
    • cultural experiences or diversity in education
  • Or submit your best work on another theme!

  • Poems can rhyme or not
  • You can submit up to 5 poems
  • Poems will be judged by GRCC English Instructors on relevance to theme, creativity and structure (including spelling)
  • Winners will be notified by email by April 22
  • 4 poems will be selected and winners agree to have their poems placed on display in the Holman Library

HOW:    Fill out the Poetry Guidelines Submission form (pick one up near the Holman Library’s Reference Desk on the 2nd Floor)

WHEN: Poetry submissions are due by 10pm on Tuesday, April 15th in the Library

(photo above is Creative Commons Attribution License)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March is Women's History Month

Celebrate Women's History Month with resources from the Holman Library...

New titles available to check out!

Find information on famous women, women's rights and women's history using our reference databases...

Biography in Context - Details on over 350,000 notable individuals, from early history to the present day, in full-text coverage. Daily updates. Search for people by occupation and birth year, or browse topics such as Nobel Peace Prize Winners or Social Reformers.
U.S. History in Context - U.S. and world history reference sources, primary documents, journals and periodicals. Search by subject, timeline, or a person's name.
World History in Context - Primary sources, reference books and journals covering world history from antiquity to the present. Search by subject, timeline, or person.
Find out  more about Women's History Month on the web... Fantastic site for Women's History resources brought to you by:
  • The Library of Congress
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • National Gallery of Art
  • National Park Service
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fun with Statistics!

Need some statistics for your research paper?
Have fun manipulating statistics with
GapMinder displays data from 430 social indicators (demographics, heath, environment and much more) in graphs that "move" the data over time periods. Either browse data or use search box in upper right-hand corner.
Example: Changes in Life Expectancy 1801-2007 by Country and Income
(click PLAY in lower left-hand corner of graph)

Monday, March 10, 2014

From the archives: Holman Library History

46 years ago, a front page article from the May 17 1968 issue of our GRCC student newspaper reported complaints about noise in the library.

The head librarian at that time was reluctant to take on a 'noise police' role and reminded all concerned that "The responsibility for quiet rests with students".

You can read it for yourself in this glimpse back into Green River History. (Click for full image)  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Julie Otsuka: One Book Author @ Artist and Speakers Series

Tickets are on sale now for Julie Otsuka!

  $10 for reserved seating and free to Green River students with ID

Green River Students: If you haven't yet picked up a free copy of this year's One Book, Julie Otsuka's When the Emperor was Divine, free copies are available (until we run out) at Holman Library.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Voices of Civil Rights

Continuing to celebrate African American History month...

What was the Civil Rights experience of the 1960s like?  Read short, personal remembrances here:

Friday, February 7, 2014

It's African American History Month! Check out related resources from Holman Library.

The Holman Library joins The Library of Congress, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in paying tribute to African American history!

To learn more about this topic:
  • Visit the African American History Month website, hosted by the Library of Congress.
  • You can also access many resources from Holman Library including books, movies, articles, background information, and other articles from our databases.
Holman Library Resources (must be a student, staff, or faculty member to access):
  • Check out this physical book by going to the library and asking a librarian to help you find it on the shelf
    • Title: Timelines of African-American History: 500 Years of Black Achievement
    • Location: Main Collection
    • Call# 973.0496 C874t

Friday, January 31, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Listen to a Podcast!

Wanting to learn more about the complex world we all live in? Need some inspiration for your next paper or project? Why not try listening to a podcast!

Podcasts are episodic audio and video series that can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device allowing you to listen/view the content on your own time. Once you find a podcast you enjoy you can subscribe to the feed using software such as iTunes or using various smartphone apps. The Podcasts app by Apple works great for iPhone users.

Here are some suggested podcasts to listen to…

  • 99% Invisible: A podcast for those interested in design and architecture
  • Freakonomics: A podcast that melds economics and pop culture
  • Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy: An interview/talk show podcast that discusses science fiction (books, movies, video games …) and includes interviews with leading figures in the world of science and science fiction
  • Mission Log: For fans of the original Star Trek
  • Professor Blastoff: A podcast that discusses themes ranging from science to philosophy to metaphysics
  • Radiolab: A podcast that focuses on topics that show the connections between science, philosophy and human experience
  • Science Friday: A podcast featuring news and entertaining stories about science
  • Star Talk: A podcast hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson focusing on space and astrophysics
  • Stuff To Blow Your Mind: A podcast focusing on natural science
  • Stuff You Missed In History Class: A podcast focusing on history and important historical events
  • Stuff You Should Know: A podcast for a general audience on topics from all fields of interest
  • The Alton Browncast: A podcast for the foodie, hosted by celebrity chef Alton Brown
  • This American Life: A weekly radio show and podcast that features essays, field stories, short stories and memoirs all based around a central theme. 
This is just a small list of the thousands of podcasts available.

Looking to start your own podcast? Check out this book in our library eBook collection to get your started:
Getting Started With Audacity 1.3

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Let us know by listing them in the comment box below!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Go Hawks!

A "12th Man" (any Seattle Seahawks fan) can get their game on as Superbowl time approaches with this popular electronic book, found in the undefeated collection of the Holman Library, and flagged at our reference desk goalpost by Librarian Philip! (Click to enlarge image.)

Go Hawks! Go Holman Library!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Getting Help from Librarians

Now that the quarter is in full swing, you may find yourself in need of help from a librarian. 

Here is how and where to get help from a librarian:

 In Person
At the second floor Reference Desk during the library's open hours.
Request an Appointment with a Librarian

By Phone
During the library's open hours.
(253) 833-9111 Ext. 2091

By Chat / Instant Message
24 hours/day, 7 days/week
Chat in English
Chat in Spanish

By Email
Emails will be answered by the next business day

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Libraries in Pop Culture

Just in time for winter break, NPR re-aired one of my favorite stories of the year:  “Libraries' Leading Roles: On Stage, On Screen and In Song.” Listen to the NPR podcast or read the transcript online for a delightful tour through libraries in pop culture.

Here are some of the titles mentioned in the story (some link to locations in Holman Library and others to IMDB): The films It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed and Desk Set with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy; television episodes on Star Trek (“All Our Yesterdays”) and Doctor Who (a planet sized library filled with biographies); fiction, including Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Jorge Luis Borges’, The Library of Babel, and the classics, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,  A Canticle for Leibowitz, and one of my favorites, Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose; and music from Jimmy Buffet (“Love in the Library”) and Tori Amos (Tales of a Librarian).

Libraries and librarians feature in many other great or just plain fun titles. The library at Hogwarts is as magical a place as any in the Harry Potter books. The librarian figures as cultural hero in the children’s book, The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq. I loved Parker Posey’s off-beat librarian in the 1995 indie film, Party Girl. And of course, there’s the iconic Marion the Librarian, of the musical The Music Man. When else would a librarian’s name be set to rhyme with carrion?

You can read/listen to other stories in NPR’s Library series.

Meredith Willson's The Music Man starring Matthew Broderick and Kristin Chenoweth (2003). Part Eight. You Tube. 12/10/13/. 
No copyright infringement intended.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New ideas...New Books!

Your Holman Library's collection of print materials just keeps getting better, thanks to the ceaseless efforts of collection lead Librarian, Marji McKenzie.Click the pictures to learn more!^*&limitTo=LOCA%3DPrint+and+Electronic+Books&recCount=50&searchType=1&