Sunday, February 18, 2018

Snow and Icy Conditions: Will the library be open?

SNOW! Who doesn't love building a snowman? But it can also present some dangerous driving conditions.

With some late winter snow and freezing temperatures in the forecast; Stay up to date with Green River Emergency and Closure Alerts.

Create an account using the link above and you will be notified by text message anytime classes are canceled or campus is closed due to weather. Notifications about campus closures will also be sent to student email accounts and be posted on the college's homepage.

Is this true for the weekend as well? 

Great question! The answer is YES! Just like the school week, the library may be closed on the weekends due to dangerous weather conditions. When this happens you will be notified the same way.

Feel free to chat with any librarians for further questions about school closures due to weather.

Love the snow so much that you cannot get enough? Here's some book you can read about SNOW!


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