Monday, May 14, 2018

Take the 2018 Holman Library Student Survey!

What is your favorite thing about the library? Take the survey!
Love the library's loveseats but wish their location could change? A regular library user with the perfect idea to improve the library's space? Not a regular user, but wish we had more items on your class' topic? Are you a current, past, or future Green River student?

We want to hear from you! Our 2018 Holman Library Student Survey is running right now through Thursday, May 24th, and we want to hear from all students, even if you're not a regular user of Holman Library or its online resources.

The survey asks questions about the library's space, staff, resources, and what things you love or would change about the library or library services. It's totally anonymous, and we use the answers and suggestions you give us to help with future library planning.

What does that mean? Here are some things we've developed from past requests or suggestions:
  • A self-paced online citation workshop tutorial, so those who can't attend the in-person NoodleTools workshops can learn all about citations day or night.
  • More printers so that printing out a paper before class is a breeze.
  • Expanded Midnight Hours, including a trial of extended Sunday hours right before finals in Winter Quarter 2018.
  • Separate open silent and quiet computer study space (when classes are not using HL 213/217).
So please do take a few minutes, tell us what you think about your library and thanks for helping us improve!

QR code to reach the survey via mobile device:

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