Thursday, November 30, 2017

Using the Library during the Holiday Break

                Yes, the building is closed, but some library resources are still available to you, as long as you remain enrolled.  For example:

                Ebooks – There are tens of thousands of them in the Holman Library collection, and your student ID number is the key to accessing them.

                Streaming video – These are mostly nonfiction and cover subjects in history, medicine, the arts, and even mathematics. The videos are listed in the library catalog. Another option for finding videos is to browse the PBS Video Collection or the Films on Demand database.

                Magazine articles, reference works, tutorials, and other database contents – You can read articles in recent magazines and newspapers, learn a technical skill, or just follow where your curiosity leads.  Log into a database from the library’s homepage.  You will need your student ID number.

                Microsoft Office – If you have your own computer, and are a current GRC student or instructor, you are entitled to a free copy of Microsoft Office.  Contact the library before the break, and we’ll send you the instructions.


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