Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Things you can check out from Holman Library with your student ID card

Did you know that Holman Library has more than just books to check out? Along with books and DVDs, there are all kinds of things you can use your student ID to check out.

If you are needing a laptop or webcam for a few hours, you can check one out at the circulation desk on the ground floor. These items are meant for in-library use only (can’t take them out of the building) and can be used for up to 4 hours.  These items are checked out like books, by swiping your student IT.

Up at the IT help desk, you can check out all sorts of small items for in-library use: phone chargers, white board markers, rulers, headphones, card readers, and several other small items. Just bring your student ID card to exchange for the item.  You will need to have a student ID card to check these out.

If you don’t have your student ID card, or you’ve lost your student ID, you can get one at the circulation desk. You will need a print out of your classes that has your student ID number printed on it, and photo ID. If you are getting your first ID card, it is free. Replacements cost $5.

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