Friday, October 2, 2015

Emergency Preparedness on Campus

Yesterday morning there was another tragic school shooting. Shots rang out at Umpqua Community College located not all too far away in Roseburg, Oregon. Perform an internet search for such events and you'll find seemingly endless results of accounts of aggressive school bullying, violence and hate crimes across campuses, and tragic school shootings that leave communities and our nation reeling. Where does the violence end? What is the solution to this horrific problem? These are big questions that we're all working towards finding a way to answer...

Until we find a way to bring such harmful actions to an end, we can only actively work towards protecting ourselves. Here at Green River College we have emergency preparedness plans in place to help us should anything so terrible happen on our campus.

One of our great resources is Campus Safety - These dedicated men and women are patrolling campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are here to keep our campus safe.
  • Campus Safety can walk you to your car when it's dark or late at night
  • Safety Ride can provide rides from campus back to your apartment or car afterhours
    Library Pickup: 253-508-4590 
    Campus Corner Apartments, CCA: 253-797-4868
  • You can always call them - Save this number to your cell phone!
    ( 253- 288 -3350 or dial x3350 from any campus phone )

Another great resource on campus is our Green River Safety Alerts. Sign up for these free email and/or text message alerts and get instant notification for...
  • Crimes on campus
  • Nearby traffic
  • Inclement weather 
Finally, keep yourself informed! Click on the "What to do" tab on this "Emergency Operations" page of our Green River website to read about our campus' plan to stay safe in all kinds of emergency situations. 

Interested in learning more about school shootings and what the issue is being addressed? The Holman Library has many books on the topic. Here are just a couple to consider.

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