Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Peak Into the Past - Student Newspaper Archive! 

  • What was on Green River students' minds in the 1970s?
  • How did the Gator become the school mascot?
  • Who was Lindbloom and why is a GRC building named after him?

Find these answers and more in past issues of the student newspaper:

Since last summer a dedicated team of librarians and student help desk staff has been working diligently on digitizing and making publicly accessible and searchable archived issues of ''The Current," the Green River College student newspaper. Much gratitude to those colleagues who have helped preserve an important piece of Green River history.

Currently in the archive are about 300 digitized issues, starting with the first issue in 1965, that can be browsed or searched by keyword. The newspaper archive is a work-in-progress as librarians are still in the process of adding new digitized issues, so look for it to grow in the coming months.

The hope is that this digital newspaper archive will serve not only as a historical record for the College and for the 50th Anniversary celebration, but can be used as an instructional tool that offers a perspective on local history and a voice to the issues and events central to the lives of students, staff and faculty.

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