Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Now that the rain has started, learn a new skill online!

If you're like me, Fall in the Puget Sound is always a little bittersweet-- the weather is still OK, but the rain is definitely coming... and once it's here, you know it's going to stick around for a while. And then longer after that, just because that's how winter in the Pacific Northwest rolls.

One way I can cheer myself up as the days get shorter and decidedly wetter is to find interesting things to do inside, and one of my favorite "inside hobbies" this fall has been learning about some new topics and new skills with online streaming videos available through Holman Library! Tutorials

A screenshot from showing a video tutorial on responsive web design.

My online odyssey started with Green River's subscription -- as students, faculty, or staff, at Green River, you have access to thousands of online video tutorials that cover everything from career tracks to software programs to interpersonal skills. You can even build customized playlists and tackle a selection of topics of your own choosing, on your own time and across devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone):
A screenshot of a playlist with 23 courses and over 69 hours of video added.
O.K. so that might be TOO MUCH video, but I have months before the rain stops, right?
To check out and/or sign up for your own Green River account, visit Holman Library's guide.

Films on Demand, PBS Video, and Online Documentaries

If you'd prefer something that expands your mind with new horizons, cultures, or interesting aspects of real life, you might want to grab a documentary-- and we have hundreds available through our streaming video collections Films on Demand and PBS Video. Viewing these videos off-campus? No problem- just enter your Green River ID number when prompted and view as many videos as you like.  Check out these documentaries, for example:

D&D: Lessons from a Media Panic - 2016
Once upon a time, U.S. parents feared that letting their children play role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons might be harmful. Now society seems to be making fantasy games like D&D highly popular -- what's changed?

(Fun local connection - the company that creates Dungeons and Dragons - Wizards of the Coast - is based in Renton!)

Fact vs. Fiction - 2013
How do we decide what we believe? Are facts always facts to everyone? Can you talk yourself into believing different things, and does biology or culture effect what we view as true?

(Fun involvement - This video features short interludes between the different documentary sections where you can "play along" and test out the ideas presented with thought experiments given in the program!)

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