Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Finding an Item Using the Dewey Decimal Number

Libraries are filled with books and resources. It can be hard to find a book in the stacks, which is why there are call numbers!

A call number is a number assigned to a book that is tied to a physical location in the library. So the call number should tell you where in the stacks that book (or magazine, or DVD, etc) is located.

Here at Holman Library, we use the Dewey Decimal system. Most public libraries and many community college libraries also use this organization system. When looking for an item, you will see a number that might look like this: 940.534 F828xr

To use this, you will go to the stacks and look for corresponding information. So this number, would be located on the shelf that has this information on the end:

This book will be on the right aisle above, because 940.534 is after 940.28, but before 943.1. If you head down this aisle, you will be able to follow the numbers to find the number we are looking for.

And if this still doesn't quite make sense, just come find a librarian and ask for help!

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