Monday, February 22, 2016

2016 Student Library Survey - tell us what you think!

It’s time for Holman Library’s 2016 student survey. This is YOUR chance to tell us what you use at the library, what staff have helped you (or not) and what the library can do to make things even better!

Ready to help?  
You can take the survey online or at the library through March 7th!

But maybe you would like to know more about why the librarians are looking for your comments, and what we have discovered in past results?

The results of Holman Library’s student survey are gathered once a year, and the librarians and library staff hope to use the responses to make library spaces and services even better for YOU, the students. The survey helps us understand what tools and resources you are using most, and what is not working as well as we might hope.

For example, last year (Spring 2015) we surveyed students about Holman Library and we discovered:

  • Most of you use the computers & printers when you visit the library!

  • You really like the different types of spaces in the library!

  • Many wanted easier options for accessing the Internet-- and the college has added the ability to set up your wireless device to connect without logging in each time since then!

Interested in helping us discover how we can be even better this year? Please fill out the 2016 Holman Library Student Survey and let us know!

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