Thursday, February 4, 2016

FAQs about Printing Points

Whether you are a brand new GRC student or just need a refresher, here are the answers to most Frequently Asked Questions about printing points:

How much does printing cost?
At the beginning of each quarter, all currently enrolled students receive a print allocation credit of 350 points*. Points are automatically debited every time you print. 

  • Black & white prints are 1 point for each piece of paper.
  • Color prints are 10 points each.
  • Posters are 100 points each.

* Printing in GRC’s open computer labs is paid for out of the student Technology Fee, which also pays for computers, software, network, staffing, etc. The tech fee is overseen by a Tech Fee Committee made up of students and staff. The students on the committee are either student government reps or students appointed by student government.

Do printing points expire?

  • Unused points accumulate from quarter to quarter, until a maximum of 1000 points is reached.  
  • If you do not attend Green River for 6 months, your account will be deleted and all accumulated points lost.

How many pages can I print?
It depends! Printing in color or printing a poster using more printing points than printing black & white pages. See printing values above.

What if I run out of points?
You may add points at a cost of $.05/point to your account by purchasing $1, $5, or $10 print cards (20, 100, and 200pts) at the Paper Tree Bookstore or at the Kent Campus.

Can I check my point balance?
Yes. Students can check their printing balance through the PaperCut icon in the lower-right hand corner of the desktop toolbar or through this website:

Why did my print job come out double-sided? What if I want single-sided?
In order to reduce the impact of paper use and printing on our environment, the default on all printers in the Information Commons is set to print two-sided pages. If you would like to print single-sided pages, please ask a student helpdesk worker or librarian to help change your printing options.

I need help printing. Who should I ask? 
Please ask a student helpdesk worker or a librarian for help!

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