Monday, January 25, 2016

Join us for the winter quarter discussion series:

One Book, One Community, Many Perspectives 

Week 4: Jan 26, 12-12:50 in SH110

“Contemporary Geo-Politics of Afghanistan, the Middle East and North Africa”
Political Science faculty member, Allison Jansen, will survey the historical roots of current conflicts in the region by examining the goals and relationships of the competing players for peace and war.

Week 6: Feb 9, 12-12:50 in SH110

“Faculty Fishbowl: How we Talk about Difficult Texts”
Handling uncompromising, unsettling, and realistic content in a classroom filled with diverse student populations is difficult because it can alienate, exclude or perhaps even confuse students. In this panel discussion we will consider how potentially offensive and painful texts can be presented in an academic context. In other words, how do we - as members of academic communities - talk about difficult text?

A panel discussion led by English faculty Linda Wilson-Hill and Richard Potsubay

Week 8: Feb 23, 12-12:50 in SH110

"The Diverse Experiences of Women Veterans" 

The stories of women veterans are generally overlooked in larger narratives of war. Hear the stories of four women who served in different arms of the military and in very different eras.

A panel discussion with Betty Dybbro, Lacey resident and WWII WAC; Marianne Jacobs, Anthropology faculty and Vietnam War nurse; Erin Fernandez-Mommer, Spanish and Humanities faculty, Army combat medic 1994-2000; Manila Mercurio, GRC Program Coordinator for Veterans' Services, US Navy dental technician 2000-2005, 2014

For more on the One Book, check out our Research Guide!

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