Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Improve Your Study Skills

Studying effectively and efficiently is a learned skill. Investing just an hour or so to learn about what exactly are good study habits and techniques will pay off in college and in life.  Here are some of the techniques described in the books listed below.  Holman Library has many more titles on this topic. Start by browsing the Essential College Skills section adjacent to the Information Desk on the library’s second floor.

  • Choose to have a positive attitude about studying instead of considering it a chore.
  • Get organized: carefully organize your coursework and study sessions.
  • Come to class prepared and actively listen in class.
  • Take good notes and reread them shortly after class.
  • Use time before, between and after classes wisely. Develop the library habit and find at least an hour each day to study there.
  • Always prepare for studying by designating a space which is comfortable, has no distractions and is used only for studying.

  • Read More

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