Thursday, May 7, 2015

Is it a little warm in here?

Great news! We've survived winter and the sun is out on a regular basis!
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Unfortunately, the air conditioning in Holman Library is also out for a short time while our air conditioning unit is replaced and temperatures in the library may vary with the weather.

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Not that kind of fan...
We have fans available, and will do our best to keep the main study area and classroom temperate, but you will want to wear layers if possible so you can remove a sweater or jacket if you feel too warm in the afternoon.

Our new AC unit should be available and chilling out with us in June. Until then, stay cool and maybe go outside to enjoy the sun!

Physics video coverCurious WHY the library gets warm, even when the temperatures are not extremely high?

This Heat video, from the Standard Deviants Physics series explains where all this heat is generated. You can access the streaming film online on campus or by using your Green River ID number off-campus.  

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