Monday, May 20, 2013

Librarians today! Not your stereotypical multi-cat owning old maid with super-powered shushing actions.

When asked to think up a vision of a typical librarian, what images comes to mind?  A mature woman wearing cat glasses, long greying hair in a tight bun, and sensible shoes?   One with a constant grimace of annoyance that can quickly turn to an intimidating glare of disdain when your cell phone rings.  

Well, shame on you.  Librarians are people too.  Do we not bleed when we get paper cuts when processing books?  Do we not cry when our favorite book comes back to us half chewed by a dog?  Do we not laugh when someone asks for a video of an actual civil war battle?  We have feelings and flamboyant fashion sense like any other well educated career-minded person.

 Don’t believe me…check out the links below and decide for yourself.  Enjoy!

Links to librarian stereotypes in the media:

Links to librarian fashion and grooming styles:

Links to librarian hobbies (Yes, Ryan Gosling is a hobby):

Links to librarian humor:

Links to librarian blogs:

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