Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We'll miss you Ellen!

Our uber fantastic Circulation Department supervisor, Ellen Royal-Ward will be leaving Holman Library next week.  

Our much much bereft library family will be missing a wild and fun-loving friend who cares deeply about the people she works with and those she serves.
Ellen with Pat Monahan from Train
Here are a few things that her friends and collegues have to say:

'Ellen is a very true and present person. I have always enjoyed talking to her about life and fun activities in and outside of Green River College. You always know she is listening, which is a wonderful trait. She’s also a kick…. I thought it was great to see her in the Flash mob Thriller dance in Seattle on the u-tube.  Most of all I’ll miss her laugh!'
Julie French
Health Services Coordinator

"Every time I walked into the library and Ellen was at the Circ desk, she would greet me with, “Hello, Darlin’.”  And deep down I know she meant it, although she probably said that to all her colleagues.  Ellen will be sorely missed.  She is irreplaceable, and I thank the goddess we are Facebook friends, or I’d have to stalk her!  Aloha, Ellen.  This is not goodbye."
Avis M. Adams

"I will definitely miss Ellen’s wonderful sense of humor and her all around good nature.  It is always a fun time when I stop by the library and get a chance to chat with Ellen – we always have a good laugh about something or other.  I will also miss giving Ellen a hard time about being a “crazy driver”, driving IN through what is clearly marked as a ONE WAY EXIT – I’ve used that against her a couple of times when I needed a favor from the library.  Ellen is great and is a big part of why I think our library is so great!  I will miss her lots!"

Adrienne Palmer
Math Learning Center Coordinator
Halloween was always wild!
"I always knew that I would have an interesting conversation with Ellen when I came to the library and it usually wasn’t on a predictable topic.  I will miss her friendly spirit, warm smile and sharp wit."
Mark Thomason

 "I will miss her everyday smile and welcoming grandeur. Ellen is so well informed and willing to help- she will be missed!"
Paul Metivier

"Ellen has a calm, professional demeanor even during the busiest of times at the Circulation Desk. Her sense of elegance and style is admired by faculty, staff and students."
Marji MacKenzie
Faculty Librarian

"I will miss the laughs.  I will miss her thoughtfulness.  I will miss her professionalism.  I will miss her."
Linda MacKenzie
Library Technician

"Now that Ellen is leaving, who will send sparkles through our blood?  Who will flash mob us with her smile?"

Vik Bahl

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets a (Ellen) librarian.” –Joan Bauer
GRCC will greatly miss you!  Happy Trails…..
-Abby Biggerstaff
Salish Hall Secretary Lead

"I’ll miss Ellen’s great attitude and willingness to tackle any challenge, and also my crazy projects!"
Ann Lovell
Technical Services Library Paraprofessional

“I can’t believe that Ellen Royal-Ward is abdicating! Ellen is the Queen of circulation-  Long live the Queen!"
Mike Wood, Librarian.

Ellen, you will be sorely missed.  

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pocahontess said...

Good luck with your endeavors Ellen! I know that the staff of GRCC will miss but you will be an asset to wherever you go!

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