Monday, January 14, 2013

Holman Library's Silent Study Area

Holman Library is a popular spot on campus for both learning and socializing, and is a very busy and vibrant place. 
Maybe a little too vibrant at times for some tastes.

Some people thrive in a busy, active location and noise and distraction don't bother them when they study or do homework.
Others need a nice, quiet spot.

So, what to do if you are one who loves peace and quiet to do schoolwork?
Answer: Head straight to our Silent Study Area!

Located on the first floor of the library, the Silent Study Area (SSA) can accomodate up to 65 patrons and is available for individual, quiet study only. 

Filled with individual study carrels, the SSA gives you a semi-private place to study with no distractions.

Come on in for some peace and quiet!

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