Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Holman Library hosts a collection of textbooks placed on reserve by GRCC instructors!

For new and returning students there can be a financial struggle when it comes to the purchase of textbooks.  Holman Library offers its extensive selection of services and materials for the use of both students and staff, however the collection of textbooks within the library is limited to the textbooks which are placed on reserve by instructors.

Using course reserve textbooks in the library can SAVE MONEY! SAVE TIME! & cut down on excess weight in the backpack!

  • ·         Course reserve textbooks can be checked out by students for use in the library, (usually for a two hour period).
  •          Course Reserve textbooks are generally for LIBRARY USE ONLY.  This means that textbooks may be used in the library, and cannot be taken from the library. 
  • ·         A wide range of textbooks is available. 
  • ·         EVERY QUARTER our collection cycles textbooks: books are both added and removed.
  • ·         Holman Library cannot guarantee that we will have your textbook on course reserve.
                Library services include scanners which are available for student use, and it may be permissible for students to scan homework or short reading sections from textbooks, but copyright laws apply. For information on copyright laws or textbooks on-hand, please contact the Reference Desk, 253-833-9111 X2090

Textbooks placed on reserve by instructors consist of personal copies, sample textbooks, copies purchased for the class, and occasionally library-based materials (usually for ESOL class use, or Main Collection materials for textbook enhancement).
For information on how to place books on reserve, please visit the Circulation Desk.

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