Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Another option: Borrowing from our “sister” community college libraries

Do you need that item quickly?  Badly enough to go to another college to pick it up?

When GRC doesn’t have a library item (book, article, video, etc.) that you need, you can request an interlibrary loan.  That process, which is very convenient, takes some time, because the item has to be sent to you, either electronically or, in the case of books and media, by mail.  Another option, which may sometimes be preferable if the item is needed quickly, is to pick up the item at a nearby public or community-college library.

A librarian at GRC can help you to find out what libraries own the item and whether it is currently available for checkout.  A search of the WorldCat database
Find in a library with WorldCat
will identify the libraries that own the item.  The librarian can then check to see if the item is currently available at those locations; if the most convenient library with the item is another community college in our state system, s/he can make arrangements for you to borrow from that library.

Besides finding out if the item you’re seeking is in another library, the librarian may be able to help you find equally useful sources in our own collection.

It’s your choice.

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