Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Computers, classes, and study nooks - oh my!

Are you looking for the perfect on-campus study spot, an open computer, or wondering where your next class in the library is meeting? We have some resources that can help you figure out where to go in real time!

Live Computer Lab Maps for Holman Library and Tech Center

 You can check what computers are available at Holman Library Info Commons Lab and the Tech Center Open Lab any time the computer labs are open for business.

To find these maps, you can visit the "Use the Library" tab on Holman Library's homepage or the library's web page for information on Technology in the Library.

Tech Center (TC) lab is entirely open computers available for quiet study. In Holman Library's Information Commons (IC) lab, the computers in the main room are open for student use when the library is open.

Computers are also available in the HL 213 and HL 217 classrooms in the library when classes are not scheduled-- see below for more on how you can check this in your PJs!

See when library classes are scheduled (and when they are not)

In addition to being able to find what computers are available in the library and TC labs right now, you can also see what classes are coming soon in the library classrooms! This is a great way to plan ahead if you'd like to use the silent study room to work on a Canvas class or do some research.

The Library Instruction calendar is available on our website- you can see how long a class is scheduled for by clicking on the class' title.

Still searching for that perfect study space? Try our campus guide!

If you'd like to search beyond Holman Library and the Tech Center for the perfect study space, we can help you find even more options on campus, too. Just check out our Campus Study Spaces guide, complete with photos of each area and notes about when they are open.

Happy Studying, Green River!

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