Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Ready to get out and moving this month? Why not try out some flamenco or another dance form!

Flamenco is " a solo dance characterized by hand clapping, percussive footwork and intricate movements, [that] originated with the Gypsies in Andalucia. Flamenco then evolved over centuries, melding the three main cultural traditions of Spain: Christian traditional music, Moorish music and Jewish liturgy. It also takes some of its rhythms from Africans who came to Spain as slaves" (Whiting 2016).

We have flamenco experts right here in the local South Sound area - check out this April 2016 On Trak article on Green River College's own Marisela Fleites Lear and her work with the Tacoma Flamenco group--

Marisela Fleites Lear On Trak Magazine April 2016. Photo by Cameron Zegers.

We have lots of videos and other multimedia sources available at the library to help you get a feel for flamenco, it's history in Spanish culture, and its performance around the world. Check out examples below from Holman Library's collection, including our Films on Demand video database--

  • "Flamenco" from Granada (2007). In Films on Demand database. 

  • "Flamenco Dancing" from Estrella de Sevilla (2006). In Films on Demand database. 

  • "Authentic Flamenco" from Inside the Palacio Real, Madrid: Museum secrets (Series 3). (2013). In Films On Demand database.  

Want to explore more in the world of flamenco or another famous style? Dance on over to Holman Library and a librarian is happy to help you tap out the way to more books, videos and resources!

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