Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Legend, Lore, or Love: The History of Valentine's Day

Um...Happy Lupercalia Day!?
Or shall I simply say, Happy Valentine's Day?

February 14th, the day of love...and roses...and chocolate....ever wondered what the history of this lovely holiday actually is? Just what are we celebrating, and why?

Here's a short clip from the History Channel that might shed some light on the possible origins this romantic day!

Can we credit a Saint Valentine with the holiday? Or perhaps the old Roman celebration is where it all began. Regardless of the possible religious or pagan roots, this holiday is one that is widely celebrated in the United States and all over the world! It's estimated that Americans spent $18 billion dollars on Valentine's Day gifts in 2015 alone! Now that's a lot of chocolate and roses!

Want to learn more about the holiday?
The Holman Library has some great resources!Stop by the Reference Desk and ask for help finding books in the library or articles and films in our library databases! 

But don't forget, this year Valentine's Day falls on Sunday, February 14th. The library will be open Sunday, but the library will be CLOSED on Monday, February 15th in celebration of another holiday rich with history, President's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day from your friendly librarians at the Holman Library! 

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