Tuesday, October 20, 2015

One Book, One Community, Many Perspectives

Each year, Holman Library coordinates the Green River campus One Book program. 

This year’s One Book is the 2014 National Book Award winner, Redeployment, a collection of short stories on the US - Iraq War. Told from multiple points of view of US soldiers, officers and veterans, Redeployment offers a searing look at war.

Copies of the One Book are free to students (while supplies last). You can pick up your free copy at the library check-out desk downstairs in Holman Library.

For more reading and research, see our online guide: http://libguides.greenriver.edu/one_book-15-16

Please join us for two One Book events: 

Fall quarter panel discussion series: One Book, One Community, Many Perspectives 

Tuesday October 27, 12-1 pm, Salish 110
Iraqi Narratives 
Panel discussion facilitated by Marwa Al-Musawi, Assistant Director of ODEI

Tuesday November 17, 12-1 pm, Salish 110
The Embattled Text: Unraveling War through Film, Poetry, and Prose 
Panel discussion with English faculty Erin Gilbert, Jaeney Hoene and Marcie Sims

Artist and Speaker Series: Phil Klay, author of Redeployment 

Thursday November 12, 7-8:30 pm, LSU
Ticket info: http://www.greenriver.edu/campus-life/artist-and-speakers-series.htm

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