Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarians!

Here at the Holman Library, it's our hope that after you trudge up the looming staircase (and get the library "workout") you are greeted with a smiling face....the face of a question-loving librarian!

There are several librarians who spend time at the reference desk each day, from sun up to sun down. While we may sometimes look busy, you can and should feel free to stop by the desk and ask us questions! We're here to help support your educational journey and can help you learn how to navigate through some of the library's awesome resources!

Need help to find a book? Have to create a citation? 
Do you need help to find information for a research paper? 
Don't worry - we can help!

Here at the Holman Library - we're here to support your learning! 


Just ask us!

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