Friday, January 9, 2015

Weather Alert!

Worried about that winter weather?
If you're worried about snow or bad road conditions and how they will impact your commute to GRCC, then worry no more! GRCC has a solution that can help!

Sign up for the Safety Alerts and get a text alert when there is an emergency or active incident of crime on campus, where there are power outages, traffic blocking the nearby roads, or of course, inclement weather that would cause the school to close or delay classes.

Click on the screenshot below to sign up for this free service!

Sign up here

You can also use this online form to sign up for other kinds of alerts on campus, such as the ones listed here. If you prefer to receive emails, that's an option too. 

Learn more on the website, and if there is snow or nasty weather that closes the school for a day, be sure to take a break from studying to have some fun!

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