Friday, October 3, 2014

The Perks of a Student ID Card

If you haven't already picked up your GRCC student identification (ID) card, you're missing out on some perks.

Student ID cards allow students to check books out from Holman Library. Take books home! Take DVDs and CDs home! For free! (Just remember to bring them back on time!)

Also, bring your student ID to the library's Information Center to borrow headphones to use in the computer labs or headphones for the pianos/keyboards. Other items are also available to check out using your student ID card, including laptops, flash drives, dry erase markers to use in the group study rooms.

Off campus, your student ID card can also get you discounts at local businesses, museums, etc. For example:
Get a student ID card at the Holman Library or at the campus bookstore, the Paper Tree. The first ID card is free, and the replacement fee for a lost card is $5.

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