Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Eraser

Our library's print collection gets a great deal of use, and most people who check out books over a two week loan period return them in excellent condition. But no one wants to check out a damaged or defaced book from the Holman Library. 

Linda in the circulation department shares the vigilance that it takes to keep your reading materials in top condition:

“At circulation, we have made a concerted effort to prevent pencil and/or pen from making an appearance in our books.  When books go out, we look for prior damage; if we find any, we make a note on the book in our library collection database.  

We tell students that the time we take to look through the books and the notes we put on a previously damaged book is for their benefit,  so that they  won't charged for damage done by another.  

We think this has a beneficial outcome, since very few books come back damaged (we look through them on return, and again check for pencil, pen, tears, etc). We still occasionally have books returned with writing or underlining, but it has greatly lessened – much to the delight of those of us who erase!” 

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