Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fifth graders at Holman Library!

On Wednesday, April 14th, Holman Librarians hosted  Ptarmigan Ridge Intermediate school fifth grade students in the library!

Many imaginative sorting ideas were discussed by the eager fifth graders

 Young students worked enthusiastically with teaching Librarians Melissa and Katy, using critical thinking and experimentation to consider many possible ways to sort and find library information. Sorting chocolate  as an inspiration, our student guests formed lively groups to work together in imagining new ways to organize library materials.
The kids also made lists of the things that are usually sorted so they can be found more easily: Clothes, the kinds of pets in a pet store, kids in a school by grade, movies by genre, (Action, comedy, etc.)

Librarian Melissa leads a discussion while Mike scribes

Working together, with the encouragement and guidance of Holman information professionals, they invented many practical and imaginative ways to classify the interesting stacks of books selected for thier visit.

Ptarmigan Ridge kids classified them by the kind of binding the books had, by general topics, by size, color, alphabetically, or If the books had tape on the covers or not!

Librarian Katy introduces the Dewey Decimal system

The visit ended with a short tour of the stacks, (our Holman Library shelved book collection) and a warm invitation to return in a few years when they are old enough to enroll as college students at Green River!