Friday, June 5, 2009

Dub Poetry & InterLibrary Loan Service

While working on her final project presentation, GRCC student Nikkita Morris was not finding the information that she needed using internet searches. Nikkita came to the Information Center Reference Desk on the second floor, put a Holman Librarian to work for her, and got the job done.

The librarian working with Nikkita found that information about Dub Poetry was available through Interlibrary loan, or "ILL", the term for one library borrowing materials from another. This gives Holman Library users access to materials that are not available in our building. Nikkita said:

“Because of the freshness of Dub Poetry, it was hard to find information. I didn’t know about ILL. The Librarian was really helpful and helped me to locate good sources that I could request from other libraries. The information that I had sent to me through ILL came in time for me to review Dub Poetry and better my presentation. It was really helpful!”

To get more details about the Inter-library loan service for Green River students, click here.

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