Tuesday, May 7, 2013

“But where do I start?”: Subject & Class Guides

Hints from Holman Library

If you’ve ever been confused about what databases to start with, or wondered where to get background information for a research paper, the library’s subject and class guides might be just what you’re looking for. These guides are mini-webpages created especially to point out the resources and tips  most useful for a specific subject area or class; they show (sometimes much-needed!) starting points for your research.

To see if there is a guide for your class or subject area, go to “Subject and Class Guides” from the library homepage (or under the "Links" menu at the left of this blog!):

screenshot of Holman Library homepage and "subject and class guides" link

Next, look under the department or subject area of your class— Nursing , Psychology, Sociology, etc.:

Subject and class guides list: Browse all subject & class guides

This will take you to an alphabetical list of guides for that subject. You may see a general guide for “Nursing” or “Film Studies,” or if there is a guide specifically for your course, you will see it listed by course abbreviation and instructor, e.g.:

Example guide title: ENGL 126 Writing: Humanities (Shaver)

Happy hunting!

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